How do I join PLMA?

Membership is open to Australian and New Zealand manufacturers, distributors, agents, input suppliers and consultants involved in delivery of Private Label solutions to the retail trade. Applying for membership involves 3 easy steps:  
  •  Please review the membership criteria to ensure your organisation meets the requirements for all members of the association
  • If you are satisfied you meet this criteria, please fill out the Membership Application Form and email to bill@plma.com.au or mail to PO Box 2256 Werribee Vic 3030. If you post the form and wish to include a cheque, please ensure it is made out to “ Private Label Manufacturer’s Association Aust NZ”
  • Upon receipt of your completed application we will contact you to discuss next steps in activating your membership. We will send you a membership fee invoice which can be paid via EFT, credit card or cheque. Upon approval and payment you will have immediate access to the wide range of benefits PLMA ANZ offers

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What is Private Label?

Private Label is the term used for products that are sold under a retailer's own exclusive brand, whether that brand carry the name of the retailer (e.g. 'Coles') or a brand that is sold only within that retailer's store network (e.g. 'Select' in Woolworths, 'Lacura' in Aldi). Private Label encompasses most packaged goods categories across multiple retail channels.

Who are the PLMA?

 The Private Label Manufacturer's Association of Australia and New Zealand is a division of PLMA International, the world's largest association of Private Label manufacturers. The ANZ division is a not-for-profit association, with all membership fees utilised to provide a wide range of member services.

Headquartered in New York with affiliate offices in Europe and Asia, PLMA brings together over 3,500 manufacturers worldwide with unparalleled support resources for manufacturers of Private Label / Retailer brand products.

Why Should I Join PLMA?

Membership of an exclusive group of Australian & New Zealand based manufacturers supplying Private Label to multiple sectors of the retail trade in these markets – an unparalleled industry networking opportunity. If you have visions of becoming a preferred Private Label supplier in your segment – or just wish to grow your business and improve your retailer relationships in this sector, you need to be a member of PLMA!

* Unique opportunity to share ideas and challenges, and to learn from the experiences of colleagues in the Private Label sector who are facing similar challenges and retailer / consumer demands. Insights gained can often assist you in growing your business

* The absolute best knowledge source available anywhere in the world on Private Label growth trends and their effect on market dynamics. Keep abreast of trends and developments in your categories from both a local and international perspective, all available to members at no additional charge

* Access to an exclusive ‘members only’ website library, featuring a wealth of information on Private Label and Grocery trends both locally and globally. Presentations from all meetings and forums with retailers and industry experts are made available to members via this private library. Hundreds of reports and presentations available to members with trend insights, retailer strategies, packaging and product innovation initiatives etc!

* Complimentary attendance at member forums and workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Key retail decision makers are invited to participate in these forums, offering unparalleled access to senior key retailers in a collaborative, results focused environment

* Complimentary participation in multiple member meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, where a range of information services are provided to members, and discussion forums are held to benefit members in growing their businesses

* Delivery of global and local market insights to members, via associations with leading insight management companies including IGD, Nielsen, and world renowned experts such as Tom Stephens (internationally recognised Private Label expert), and Professor David Hughes (Global Food & Drinks Expert from Imperial College London)

* Global product development insights (including packaging) via access to PLMA International’s U.S. Ideas Supermarket

* Access to key category Private Label share data in North America and key European via major Nielsen studies funded by PLMA International

* A highly proactive dialogue facilitated between the association and key retailers to address key industry issues and challenges affecting both parties, with a focus on producing superior outcomes for your business and our retail partners

* PLMA International runs the world’s largest Private Label trade shows in Amsterdam, Chicago and Shanghai each year. PLMA ANZ facilitates study tours to these shows for interested members to support gaining maximum advantage from your visit to these shows.Debriefings are provided to members at regular meetings

* PLMA ANZ actively leverages associations with industry analysts including CitiGroup and Credit Suisse, and can provide a unique insight to members on trends evidenced by these analyst groups, which gives an excellent macro perspective to the markets in which you operate.

* We also work closely with Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC), Packaging Council Australia (PCA), New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), Food and Grocery Council (FGC NZ) etc and provide services in conjunction with these organisations

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Have questions? Please feel free to Contact Us and we would be more than happy to assist with any enquiries you may have!

What companies are members of PLMA Aust NZ?

Our manufacturer directory provides a good overview of the many varied companies involved in PLMA ANZ. Our membership ranges from multinational organisations through to successful family businesses, ingredients companies, packaging companies, service providers etc. An incredibly diverse range of members who collectively provide strong insights to assist each other in building our businesses

Is there criteria to be met to become a member of PLMA?

Members must be able to demonstrate that they are capable (and are committed to) achieving the following best practice outcomes:
  • Adherence to world class GMP, QC/QA practices at all times with audit process in place to ensure compliance
  • Have an infrastructure in place that will meet retailers current and future Private Label requirements
  • Work with our retail partner to develop detailed specifications for packaging, components and formulations
  • Meet retailer specifications at all times
  • Actively source innovation opportunities to ensure that offerings are 'best in class'
  • Ensure that Private Label Account Management representation equals or exceeds category standards - thus providing retailers with expertise to add value to the product selection process
  • Keep retail partners up to date regarding market insights, consumer research and all data necessary to ensure Private Label offerings are 'best in class'
  • Subject to acceptable return on investment, be prepared to invest in operational capability to meet the current and future needs of retail partners
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What is the cost to join PLMA?

Being a not-for-profit association, all membership fees are invested into providing services for members. We offer two levels of membership, dependent upon the scope of your current Private Label turnover.

Less than $3 million AUD - $1,650 AUD + GST

Greater than $3 million AUD - $3,300 AUD + GST

Payment may be made by EFT, credit card or cheque.

Membership fees are due annually on 1st January. We welcome membership applications during the course of the year, and will discuss a pro-rata arrangement with interested companies who wish to join part way through a calendar year to ensure your membership is cost effective and delivers maximum value for you.

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Is PLMA a lobby group?

PLMA is not a lobby group and remains strictly impartial on issues normally associated with lobby groups. That said, we have an ongoing constant dialogue at a senior level within retailer partner organisations to discuss industry issues and challenges, in order to facilitate better outcomes for all parties.

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Are retailers involved in PLMA?

Our member base is predominantly manufacturers of Private Label products, however we have strong associations with all major grocery retailers in Australia and New Zealand. PLMA conducts regular meetings with senior level management within these retail accounts to provide support to both our retail partners and members to ensure we are supporting the delivery of best practice outcomes that are beneficial for all parties. We have regular forums where senior retail management present to our member group, providing an excellent opportunity to establish important contacts within these accounts which often may be very challenging otherwise.

I need to find a manufacturer of Private Label in Aust / NZ. Can you help?

PLMA does not act to facilitate commercial arrangements between member companies and prospective partners, nor do we proactively provide introductions to member companies. We are happy to receive enquiries of a general nature and if we can provide assistance by recommending a member company that may suit your needs, it is our pleasure to do so. PLMA membership does provide the opportunity to engage with many different companies who have a vested interest in Private Label supply, and as such by default membership can open up many opportunities within our membership

I am interested in joining, but have further questions. Can you assist?

PLMA welcomes your membership enquiries. Please send an email or telephone us during normal business hours, or alternatively feel free to use our Contact form

Postal address:

Private Label Manufacturers Association of Australia & New Zealand PO Box 2256 Werribee, VIC, 3030 Australia

Tel: Bill Trainor (General Manager) 0417 322 556

Email: bill@plma.com.au

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