PLMA Membership Benefits

Thanks for your interest in learning more about the benefits of PLMA membership.

Please click the image below to download a short presentation which details the many retailer events we run exclusively for our members; the world class resources we provide to assist members their business, and the immense networking benefit members gain by being part of the world’s largest trade association of Private Label suppliers.

Do I need to be supplying Private Label right now to join PLMA?

No! As long as you have capability to supply retailers, and the interest in supplying retailers with Private Label, we would love to welcome you as a member. In fact, companies who are not currently supplying Private Label have a huge amount to gain from PLMA membership given the enormous networking and educational resources we provide! 

We recently introduced a new membership tier for companies who sell less than $250k in Private Label per annum, providing many of the benefits of full membership at a fraction of the membership rate!

There is no better association to be a part of anywhere in the world if you are interested in / are supplying Private Label!

Still not sure if PLMA membership is for you?

No problem! Please contact Bill Trainor ( or +61 417 322 556 ) if you are interested in discussing if membership is right for your business. I am more than happy to have a no obligation chat to answer any queries you may have!

We are a Not For Profit member funded association. Our goal is to help our members grow successful Private Label businesses, and utilise our very strong network with retailers to support our members. We look forward to hopefully supporting you in your business!

Please click image below to download presentation (Please allow a minute for it to download!):