PLMA Australia & New Zealand is a not-for-profit division of the world’s largest association of Private Label manufacturers. Headquartered in New York, the association comprises over 3,500 members globally.

Our Mission is to foster the growth of Private Label products through the promotion of industry best practice, quality enhancement and a strong focus on delivery of innovation.

Our aim is to build mutually profitable partnerships between our members and retailers by facilitating the sharing of latest trends and developments and by addressing in a constructive manner the major issues, opportunities and challenges facing both parties, in order to optimise outcomes.

What Is Private Label?

Private Label is the term used for products that are sold under a retailer’s own exclusive brand, whether that brand carry the name of the retailer (e.g. ‘Coles’) or a ‘sub-brand’ that is sold only within that retailer’s store network (e.g. ‘Select’ in Woolworths)

What products are sold as Private Label?

Major supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware and department stores offer a wide range of products under their own Private Label brands, offering excellent value for the consumer, delivering good quality products at a cost competitive price point to major brands.

Private Label encompasses most packaged goods categories include fresh food, frozen and ready to eat meals, beverages, packaged goods, health and beauty products, clothing apparel, automotive, DIY and even services offered by retailers (e.g. insurance, optical etc)

Why Is Private Label So Important?

No longer are ‘Private Label’ products merely entry-level offerings providing lower quality products at a discounted price point. Retailers globally are now utilising Private Label to spearhead their differentiation platform to gain market share, and are as a result driving the rapid growth of these exclusive ‘Retailer brands’.

The increasing share of Private Label of Packaged Grocery internationally is evidence of this retailer focus, with Private Label now commanding 41% share of the UK market and 17% share of the U.S. market.(Source: Nielsen 2015) In Australia the current share is approximately 19% and in New Zealand, 13% – representing a fantastic opportunity for manufacturers to assist retailers in these markets to grow and develop their Private Label offerings via partnership initiatives that deliver high quality offerings at competitive price points.

Private Label is also experiencing strong growth in other retail sectors including Pharmacy, Foodservice, Hardware, Clothing and many other retail channels.

What Is The Benefit To My Company In Joining PLMA?

  • Membership of an exclusive group of Australian & New Zealand based manufacturers supplying Private Label to multiple sectors of the retail trade in these markets – an unparalleled industry networking opportunity. If you have visions of becoming a preferred Private Label supplier in your segment – or just wish to grow your business and improve your retailer relationships in this sector, you need to be a member of PLMA!
  • Unique opportunity to share ideas and challenges, and to learn from the experiences of colleagues in the Private Label sector who are facing similar challenges and retailer / consumer demands. Insights gained can often assist you in growing your business.
  • The absolute best knowledge source available anywhere in the world on Private Label growth trends and their effect on market dynamics. Keep abreast of trends and developments in your categories from both a local and international perspective, all available to members at no additional charge
  • Complimentary attendance at member forums and workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Key retail decision makers are invited to participate in these forums, offering unparalleled access to senior key retailers in a collaborative, results focused environment
  • Complimentary participation in multiple member meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, where a range of information services are provided to members, and discussion forums are held to benefit members in growing their businesses
  • Delivery of global and local market insights to members, via associations with leading insight management companies including IGD, Nielsen, and world renowned experts such as Tom Stephens (internationally recognised Private Label expert), and Professor David Hughes (Global Food & Drinks Expert from Imperial College London)
  • Global product development insights (including packaging) via access to PLMA International’s U.S. Ideas Supermarket
  • Access to key category Private Label share data in North America and key European via major Nielsen studies funded by PLMA International
  • A highly proactive dialogue facilitated between the association and key retailers to address key industry issues and challenges affecting both parties, with a focus on producing superior outcomes for your business and our retail partners
  • PLMA International runs the world’s largest Private Label trade shows in Amsterdam, Chicago and Shanghai each year. PLMA ANZ facilitates study tours to these shows for interested members to support gaining maximum advantage from your visit to these shows. Debriefings are provided to members at regular meetings
  • Access to an exclusive ‘members only’ website library, featuring a wealth of information on Private Label and Grocery trends both locally and globally. Presentations from all meetings and forums with retailers and industry experts are made available to members via this private library. Hundreds of reports and presentations available to members with trend insights, retailer strategies, packaging and product innovation initiatives etc!
  • PLMA ANZ actively leverages associations with industry analysts including CitiGroup and Credit Suisse, and can provide a unique insight to members on trends evidenced by these analyst groups, which gives an excellent macro perspective to the markets in which you operate.
  • We also work closely with Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC), Packaging Council Australia (PCA), New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), Food and Grocery Council (FGC NZ) etc and provide services in conjunction with these organisations

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PLMA’s Commitment to our Members and Retail Partners

PLMA Australia / New Zealand is committed to the enhancement of Private Label quality and service standards, the sharing of Private Label world wide best practice initiatives and the building of profitable long term partnerships with our retail partners to the benefit of both retailers and our members.

The enhancement of Private Label quality and service standards drives the requirement for members to adhere to GMP best practice, rigorous pursuit of QC/QA standard conformance, commitment to innovation and the preparedness to make the necessary commitment within their operations to deliver the standards and specifications expected by our retail partners.

By ensuring that PLMA members provide consistently superior products and services, we seek to create long term partnerships with commensurate returns which recognise the commitment and investment of both parties.